Yandex has launched a free training course on game development

Yandex will teach developers how to make games using Unity Engine to make money on them. So no matter how she writes CNews, this is a free course for Russians that will grow easily.

In particular, they will learn how to add animations, effects and sounds, create different levels, develop a user interface and conclude this scene. The course will be presented in a video tutorial along with more training material.

Unity Engine is a game engine from the American company Unity Technologies. This engine allows you to create interactive games, PCs, consoles and phones. It appeared in 2005. Due to fears that it could be blocked in Russia, the State-Demo will decide whether its own foreign counterpart could be developed. I remember that at the end of spring, VK announced paid internships for novice game developers. The company recruited a few candidates in three different areas: development, design, strategy and application. Meanwhile, company representatives said the majority of applicants were from Russian universities and most commonly Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there were also applications from cities like Perm, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other cities.

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