World Game Development Championship: Voting begins today

Kicking off today will be the Game Development World Championship (GDWC) event voting period, allowing fans, gamers and everyone else in the gaming industry to experience the product end of these developers. Voting closes on January 31, with the winners announced shortly thereafter.

Presenting your work at the GDWC

The event is an annual competition for game developers of all backgrounds and skill levels to contribute their best work. Each year, the winners of PC Game Pro, Console Game Pro, Hobby Game and Mobile Game of the Year fly to Finland to meet game studios as prizes.

The World Game Development Championship offered game developers from diverse backgrounds a chance to display their work in front of a large audience for fans to vote on. The event has been running since 2016, has been a free and easy way to connect new developers with game companies and gamers.

With this ease of acceptance, in the future, all developers will need to go to their website at Once there, it’s as easy as finding the sign up now button and clicking. The last step would be to add some screenshots, description, video and of course a playable version.

Bring JOOY to GCDW

Finally, fans will finally discover the new mascot of the World Game Development Championship. The end of November brought the mascot design contest to a close, which saw JOOY as the winner. So this year GDWC will introduce JOOY and in the future as they continue to offer a platform for developers.

Developers and their games after the GDWC event continue to enjoy large player bases and public acclaim. games like Riftbreaker on PC took 2nd place last year or MASS Builder in 2019, giving developers greater reach for people to experience their work.

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