Women’s game development competition returns for season 2

Submissions have been opened for the second season of the AT&T Unlocked Games, a women’s game development competition. The event invites female developers and female-led development teams to compete for a grand prize of $ 100,000 to fund their game.

Hosted by streamer Brooke “BrookeAB” Ashley, AT&T Unlocked Games is a game development competition that empowers women through visibility, access and resources. Six women will be chosen as finalists from a group of participants who enter the competition until January 7th.

To participate, the lead developer must be a female at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States. Those interested in participating should submit their game information to the panel, along with a three-minute video introducing themselves, their team, and a story from their game.

There should also be a gameplay video with seven minutes of continuous gameplay and a playable game demo. Finally, a budget is required, showing how the $ 100,000 prize will be used for the development of the game.

The game’s rating criteria are general visuals, audio design, gameplay and mechanics, as well as creativity and story. They will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 to determine the grand prize winner.

Six finalists will be announced on January 28, who will then participate in a live presentation on March 8. During this time, all finalists will present their game to a panel dubbed the “End Bosses”, which will select a winner and a finalist.

Fans who watch the showcase will also have a say in who they want the Grand Final winner to be and can voice that opinion with a Gamer’s Choice winner.

The March 8 showcase can be viewed on AT&T’s Twitch channel, and those who wish to enter the contest have until January 28 to submit the required documents.

Update November 17 at 10:35 am CT: The date for the AT&T Unlocked Games live presentation has been changed from March 15 to March 8.

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