Waypoint Radio Debate if it’s okay to spend 10 hours in a game’s tutorial

Neon White, Neon White, Neon Red, Neon Violet and Neon Green key art stand on pure blue water posing with their weapons

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We open this week’s episode by discussing the reversal of Roe v Wade, and where we find places to take action and find respite from the ever-escalating attack on basic human rights. Next, we dive into some of the games we’ve played recently, from Cado’s uhhh speedrunning optimization in Neon White, to Ren’s brush with a hot new genre called “a roguelike deckbuilding” in Gordian Quest. Stick around afterwards for a quick dip in the question bucket!

Discussed: Roe v Wade 4:10, The Quarry/Until Dawn 31:21, Neon White 47:21, Gordian Quest 1:02:53, ID @ Xbox Demos 1:21:04, Raid World 1:35:34, Series of questions 1:38:35

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