Volvo uses video game technology to develop safer cars

Volvo is taking another step in its goal of making its cars as safe as possible by using video games to help simulate certain driving incidents.

The Swedish manufacturer is at the forefront of car safety and hopes from this year that there will be no more serious or fatal injuries in one of its cars.

After a series of safety innovations, the company is now using video game driving simulators to make things even better.

Using a setup involving a moveable driver’s seat, steering wheel and haptic feedback, the VR setup aims to provide a real driving experience to simulate driving a real car on real roads.

Volvo engineers can then monitor how a driver interacts with the car, and also watch how a motorist engages with driver assistance features and upcoming autonomous technology. The company also claims the technology allows this to happen at a “fraction of the cost of a real test”.

Casper Wickman, senior user experience manager at Volvo’s Open Innovation Arena, which showcases the brand’s latest technological developments, said: “It allowed us to test many scenarios that feel totally real, without having to physically build anything. It allows us to test real cars in traffic scenarios that look real but can be adjusted at the push of a button.

“Using this advanced technology, we are exploring and driving development to create safe cars in the future. It’s great to play a part in that.

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