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How to Create a Video Game All By Yourself: 10 Steps, Just You and a Computer, an illustrated book by indie developer Matt Hackett, will be released next month.

Have you ever thought that you could create a video game? Of course you have. I’d bet everyone reading this is an armchair game designer to one degree or another.

Maybe you have grid paper notebooks full of maps and level designs? Maybe you have a story to tell all mapped out in your head, but no real way to tell it? You tried Mario Creatoror RPG Creatoror dreams, and you want to switch to something a little less amateur? Or maybe you’re one of those idiots who thinks you can just tick off the “multiplayer” option, the video game equivalent of that old pub guy who thinks he knows better than a trainer professional ?

You might even be like me. You know how to program and you understand logic. You may have multiple game engines installed on your laptop, each with a hundred stubs of unfinished – or, more accurately, not really started – games cluttering up your hard drive. Some people have a backlog of shame in their Steam library; I have one in Unity.

It’s fine to work hard on creating a video game, to be an idea person, but when you try and Craft a? Turns out it’s actually not as easy as people think. Where is it How to create a video game on your own: 10 steps, just you and a computer Between.

That’s the title of a new book from indie developer Matt Hackett. You might know it as one half of Lost Decade Games, the indie studio behind Assault! Arena and A magician’s lizard. They also had a podcast called The Lostcast. (Which, ironically, they stopped doing a few years ago, just before everyone else started one.)

Hackett’s latest project is How to create a video game on your own, an illustrated guide to single-player game development. It’s packed with useful stuff, from how to get started and choosing a game engine to managing your scope and delivering your game. It also has some lovely illustrations and inspirational quotes, which is an added bonus for which could, in theory, be a somewhat dry manual.

“This book has been bubbling in my mind for years,” Hackett writes, “and suddenly being locked up and not being able to get out for global health reasons…well, that’s awful, but also a perfect opportunity to work on a project that I thought could be fun to do and help creative people like me.

“And since you’re here reading a blog about art and game development, so are you!” I wrote this book for you. Seriously.”

How to create a video game on your own: 10 steps, just you and a computer releases March 15, 2022. You can pre-order it in Kindle format on Amazon or in DRM-free EPUB/PDF format on Hackett’s website.

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