The six best schools in the world for video game design


Video games represent a large global entertainment industry, resulting in an increased demand for skills in video game design. Universities and colleges continue to offer graduate and undergraduate degrees in game development and design, animation, and game art.

The main problem for students is the criteria to follow when choosing a college. The following ranking of the best video game design schools is developed to help students make better decisions by identifying which degree to pursue and which college to consider.

University of Utah

The University of Utah is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is considered a hub of engineering and the entertainment arts. It offers some of the best game development courses suitable for students with a technical mind and art-oriented.

The university hosts a diverse faculty with excellent game design programs and is an expert in all components of game creation. Learners develop a professional game portfolio through “studio simulation” programs. Students are required to publish a functional game prior to certification.

Carnegie Mellon University

Located in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University offers courses in the arts, design and technology categories. It has been a leading university in America in various disciplines. The university has an Integrative Design Art and Technology (IDeATe) program that allows students to earn a minor in Game Design.

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University of Michigan

Michigan State University offers a variety of programs in video game design. It hosts the College of Communication Arts and Sciences programs that prepare students for careers in information architecture, technical writing, programming, and more. Michigan State University offers a holistic approach to learning, including theory, practice, and testing.

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University of Southern California

The University of California is a leader in various fields such as the art of gaming and game design. Students interested in the study of game production and design should choose the School of Cinematic Arts’ Diplomas in Media and Interactive Games. Those interested in the technical aspects of game development can opt for the computer science programs at Viterbi Engineering School.

The programs offered in the minors category include game animation, game design, game user research, game entrepreneurship, thematic entertainment, etc. USC students have the opportunity to connect with their peers and network across all levels of the programs.

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida hosts an Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orlando. It offers an interactive and immersive curriculum in video games leading to a master’s degree in science and interactive entertainment.

Students can collaborate as programmers, artists and producers under the guidance of the faculty of the University. For the Master of Science in Interactive Entertainment, students can choose a track as a programmer, artist, or producer. These specializations can allow students to gain experience through established projects.

DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology is greatly supported by Nintendo and aims to help students join the industry as artists, computer designers and software developers. DigiPen offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and offers a Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum.

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design program allows students to understand communication and user experience issues while developing interactive systems. Topics covered include game mechanics, cognitive psychology, scripting languages, and more.

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The ability of students to develop compelling storylines and game concepts depends on the college they choose to attend. Students looking to excel in their career in video game design can choose one of the above colleges. They can acquire essential skills in drawing, animation, game design, etc. The good thing about colleges is the diversity of specializations and the fact that they are well equipped with the necessary resources.

Which game design schools are you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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