The biggest mobile game development trends of 2022

The mobile gaming industry will surely continue to grow rapidly to become a lucrative line of business. This industry has exceeded all technical and commercial objectives. You can anticipate the future of mobile gaming with an internet presence of over 3 million players worldwide. So it’s reasonable to expect a resourceful mobile gaming future. Game development will help improve the ability to manage the risks and difficulties of the game industry.

Mobile game development trends to follow in 2022

You need to stay on top of new advancements while investing in mobile games because there are so many different games accessible, from casual-paced games to $1 Deposit Casinos Canada. Here are some predictions for mobile game development trends in 2023.

NFT and blockchain-based games

Blockchain technology and blockchain technologies have become crucial for the mobile gaming industry. FTs are very similar to another cryptocurrency like ETH or BTC. This non-fungible token is commonly used to tokenize real estate, music, artwork, and other things. Despite these advantages, blockchain technology offers strong stability. Therefore, NFT tokenization is also possible in some game characters. Another advantage is that they could be used to tokenize trading cards in card games. A number of popular metaverse games are “NFT”. NFT gaming markets have accelerated. According to the report, the number of digital currency wallet accounts associated with games increased to 307,636 at the start of 2022 from 307,326 at the start of 2021.

Esports is on the rise

In recent years, mobile games have become increasingly popular. It is possible to consider it as an upcoming competition for professional players and interested players. Many people around the world watched or followed these games through direct viewing or watching different live broadcasts. Live streams provide an easy way to watch upcoming games on your PC in real time. The eSports market has been valued by experts at over $1 billion by 2021, an increase of almost 50% from 2021. A further increase of $2 billion is expected to occur in 2023.


The Metaverse has become an emerging trend, but there is no clarity as to how it will affect mobile gaming. This year, the mobile game was joined by the Metaverse, allowing for enhanced gameplay. Among them are: Fortnite concerts. Various companies like Nike land on Roblox have also built game worlds. real avatars. Soon it will be more accessible to people interested in reading the metaverse in 2021.

Increased socialization of the game

Interaction with mobile games increased as more and more people got involved through social media. During the pandemic, isolation and the constant search for interaction has made mobile gaming an important social domain for people. 45% of US gamers use Facebook chat while gaming. Most Americans have started to like online modes and multiplayer games rather than single player games. Game developers will benefit from new features such as guilds, social networks, chat roomsetc Social media has gained popularity among gamers as it has become increasingly popular with gamers.

Cross-platform mobile game

Cross-platform gaming is an interesting trend shaping the gaming industry in 2024. It can also take place across all platforms on cell phones, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. Players could not play on different platforms for several reasons. In 2021, gamers are experiencing the game on multiple platforms with software based on the game code. The developers want to make the game available on a variety of platforms including laptops, mobile phones and tablets . The application is made up of cross-platform technology that allows quick discovery of its features.

Hyper-Casuals will take the lead

Sensor Tower published a report titled Industry Trend Report predicting an emerging hyper casual gaming trend for 2025 to 3035. Hyper casual gaming offers gamers a chance to relax without increasing intelligence. The global online games industry forecasts 1% growth by 2019, the company said. Market forecasts and valuations thus point to strong growth in the hyper-casual video game industry in 2025. Many famous examples such as Candy Crush Monster Strike and Coin master have quickly become tough competition in PC gaming and console.

Multiplayer functionality

Mobile games can be played in many different formats than a game console. Several are accessible and more will be available in 2022. Mobile phone apps are a full multiplayer game. Recently, the world has witnessed a booming craze for multiplayer games. In 2022, multiplayer gaming is expected to become an increasingly important trend with the rise of mobile games. Mobile games are meant to help you boost your mental energy, relax or strengthen your relationships. We want everyone to have fun playing on the Internet.

artificial intelligence in games

Artificial intelligence can definitely improve gameplay and playability. AI in games could tell you if your games are successful. It has already been mentioned that the popular technology is gaining popularity. Ultimately, AR and AI technology will change gaming. AI will be more influential in gaming over the next decade, according to our predictions. AI helps developers create fun games. The AI ​​aims to improve the learning abilities of NPCs. NPCs can use artificial intelligence for their responses, which makes video games trickier.

Mobile cloud gaming

Mobile cloud gaming is good for learning to live. Additionally, the subscription model further influences developer motivation. They can also easily integrate some payment options with game assets. Thus, a user can build strength and use tools like Fortnight Candy Crush / PUBG for fast and efficient performance in any situation. Developers’ incomes are certainly flawless if they can access remote servers without hardware assistance and access downloadable software from remote servers.

Play with augmented reality

In augmented reality games, augmented reality can combine graphics and video to create a visual interface that allows a user to experience game content in real time. Unlike VR games, augmented reality uses the current environment to create playable environments. You don’t need special headsets for AR devices. The user can view and play virtual reality games using a mobile device. A very advanced example of AR gaming apps with GPS, smartphones, and cameras is Pokémon Go. The system supports location-specific AR environments.

Wearable technology

Wearables is an e-gypsum that uses a sensor that allows users to monitor, identify and communicate information directly with the user. Fitness rings, bracelets, and smartwatches are some typical wearables that use wearable technology. Wearable devices are generally linked to well-being and development has also happened rapidly in the gaming sector. You can use an electronic tracker to track the games players are playing. This information improves players’ gaming experience.

The rise of VR (virtual reality) gaming

Virtual reality offers players an incredible experience. Virtual reality headsets allow users to use objects in a locked space. Although VR headsets may seem expensive at the moment, advancements in technology could be used to help reduce their cost. In the future, the quality of graphics and VR games may improve. The future of VR games looks incredible, as tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and IBM have already started with similar technology.

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