The 10 Worst Video Game Tutorial Levels

Back then, games relied on the language of game design to explain goals and rules. Players entering an arcade could simply look at the screens and immediately know what they were supposed to do and what was causing the game to end. However, as games became more complex, additional support was needed. For a long time, instruction manuals were a way to learn more about a game before being replaced by in-game tutorials.

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As necessary as they are, the tutorials have received a lot of criticism over the years for being too hands-on or not properly explaining their basic mechanics. The following titles are clear examples of how not to start a game.

ten The beginning of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has been changed frequently

Skyrim opening feature

Bethesda’s games have been repeatedly criticized for slow openings that make later playthroughs a chore to begin with. Fallout 3opening allowed players to control their avatar literally from birth to their escape from the vault, and Oversight had them imprisoned for committing an unknown crime. It’s not uncommon for fans to simply alter the beginnings of their games so they can continue the adventure. Despite years of complaints, the fifth installment of the old scrolls the franchise begins with arresting players and riding with other prisoners on their way to their execution. Predictably, the dragons rush in and kill everyone before the player’s head is severed.

9 Mega Man X5 bombards players with useless text

Cropped Mega Man X5 intro scene

If there’s one series where players don’t need to be bombarded with text and unskippable instructions, it’s Capcom’s run and gun franchise. mega man. While the X the titles have made some changes to the formula, it’s still a core platforming shoot affair. Granted, accommodating uninitiated players isn’t entirely without merit, but was it really necessary for the game to constantly interrupt the action with superfluous dialogue?

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Considering players already had to sit through a bunch of still images and text before the level started properly, allowing them to stretch those mechanical legs uninterrupted would have been better.

8 Ride To Hell Retribution Begins As Planned

Ride to Hell Cropped Retrobution

The utterly abyssal Ride to Hell Retribution immediately places starts in res medas and places players behind a turret. Next is a series of quick events and cutscenes that depict what appears to be the hero riding a bike and gunning down an unknown character. Not only is it completely shocking, but it doesn’t even represent the rest of the game, which is a hastily cobbled together melee action title with brief racing sections in between. It is only after 20 minutes of gameplay that players learn the crucial power slide move that is needed to progress through certain moto sections.

7 Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts 2 is a slog

Kingdom Hearts 2 Twilight Town Cropped

In what seems to be a recurring theme with modern Square Enix titles, kingdom hearts 2The start of is widely considered a chore. Aside from the fact that this is a sequel and fans who haven’t played the Game Boy Advance spin-off chain of memories might be surprised by the start of the game with a character other than Sora, the opening chapter of Twilight Town is terribly paced and lacks any real stakes. It’s just a bunch of boring kids trying to save enough money to leave town. If all that wasn’t enough, the game also has to ruin a beloved character from Final Fantasy VI – Lotario Setzer game.

6 The Beginning of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Prevents Players From Adventuring

The Legend of Zelda Tiwlight Princess Ordon Village Cropped

After Wind Wakerit seemed that every The Legend of Zelda the title would put less emphasis on exploration and discovery to slow down the adventure with lots of cutscenes and unnecessary exposition. Twilight Princess is often cited as the game that launched the series’ icy-paced openings seen in other titles such as skyward sword. The intention is to portray Link’s quiet life as a farmer before he embarks on the adventure, but it takes way too long to get the plot started and wastes the player’s time with objectives. stupid like catching a fish for a cat to follow to a store. .

5 Fallout 2 tutorial was the result of executive interference

Fallout 2 Temple of Trials cropped

Fallout 2 was considered a substantial improvement over the original. This included quality-of-life improvements to mechanics, subversions of familiar factions such as the Super Mutants, and even the addition of new factions such as the NCR and Enclave. However, as much as players gush about how much of a classic RPG Fallout 2 that is to say, very few are as brilliant towards its beginning, which forces players to walk through a temple full of dangers and no guns to help them. Tim Cain expressed his displeasure with the temple, saying its existence was only due to Interplay superiors mandating a tutorial section for the game.

4 Jet Set Radio Tutorial Lets Players Down For The Slightest Mistake

Jet Set Radio Cropped Tutorial

The only thing worse than a tutorial that can’t be skipped is one that fails players if they make a simple mistake and force them to do it again. Unlike the Professional skater Tony Hawk games, which allow players to get started and understand skating on their own, Radio Jet Set for the Dreamcast requires players to undergo several trials that test their abilities to perform basic moves such as crushing and pulverizing. If players take too long or go skating somewhere the game won’t allow them to, they instantly fail and are forced to start over from the top.

3 The Witcher 2 tutorial is unnecessarily cryptic and difficult

The Witcher 2 tutorial cropped

Reviewers of the in-game tutorials tend to complain that they make the game less organic and prefer players to learn the mechanics naturally throughout the main campaign. Conversely, Witcher 2The tutorial has been lambasted for being unnecessarily difficult and cryptic. Granted, the game was a PC exclusive in its initial release, and CD Project Red probably figured that if their audience had the technical prowess and know-how to build a machine that could work Witcher 2, they could figure out the game themselves. It doesn’t help that the game recommends players who end up dying repeatedly to try changing the difficulty to easy.

2 The driver gives players a list and a minute to get out of the garage

Cropped PS1 Driver Tutorial

At least with the case of Radio Jet Setplayers are tasked with performing moves in individual trials before immediately being given a demonstration. Driver for the PlayStation simply places players in a garage, gives them a to-do list, and a minute to complete all the moves without upsetting the passenger. You don’t know what a slalom or a reverse 180° is? Then make yourself comfortable in this garage, because the rest of the game is inaccessible otherwise. Driver is one of the few instances where the very first task is widely regarded as the hardest part of the game.

1 Final Fantasy XIII is a sample manual on how not to start a game

Final Fantasy XIII Cropped

Arguably one of the worst debuts of any video game, Final Fantasy XIII simply pushes players into the middle of the story without any explanation of who they control, what world they inhabit, or what goal they’re trying to achieve. Players expecting exploration in their JRPG will be out of luck as they are immediately bombarded with cutscenes and then tasked with walking down a linear hallway. Even towards the end of the game, he continues to train players on different mechanics. Advocates countered that the game got better as it went along, but why bother when its 8- and 16-bit ancestors got straight to the point?

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