The 10 Best Video Game Tutorial Levels

There is a delicate balance between video games in which players can immediately let loose and those that restrict them unnecessarily by limiting the grip.

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The tutorial and training levels that launch many video games can be frustrating experiences, but they’re often necessary evils to mastering the basics of gameplay. Training tutorials are always in vogue in video games. However, an exceptional set of titles knows how to transform this laborious exercise into a rewarding and natural experience.

ten Pokémon starts every quest with a helpful introduction to pocket monsters

Pokemon is a unique example of a training tutorial, as it is a delight when first experienced, but then achieves gradually diminishing returns. The primer that kicks off each game covers the basics of Pokemon, but also incorporates essential story elements so it’s not a completely disconnected process.

This tutorial process is taxing in the franchise’s many sequels because it can’t be skipped, and it’s assumed players are familiar with the basics of catching a Pokémon at this point. With curiosity, Pokémon Gold and Silver give an option to bypass the tutorial, but it has since become a mandatory exercise.

9 Portals 1 and 2 mock the player’s costs as they drop into the adventure

Gate and its sequel remain incredible examples of polished gameplay meeting clever and unexpected storytelling. The games are deeply challenging, but they never feel unfair. Both games in the series have a lot of fun with the player at the start of the experience, both in terms of limited abilities and how little they truly understand about the current situation.

Portal 2The introduction of surpasses the original in the way it is able to subvert the expectations of its predecessor. A seemingly innocuous greeting catapults the player into the adventure as they attempt to get their bearings and literally figure out which direction is up.

8 Spider-Man 2 tutorial is picked up by The Ultimate Hater

The video game based on Sam Raimi’s first Spider Man the film is a perfectly serviceable linking title. That said, no one expected Spiderman 2 adapting the game as a drastic improvement in quality. The game is incredibly large for its time, and it’s legitimately fun to wander around the city.

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Spiderman 2 also has an exceptionally playful easter egg in its opening tutorial. Bruce Campbell voices the helpful narrator of Spidey’s tutorial, and he’s just as interested in roasting the player’s abilities as helping them progress in the actual game. It’s a great way to enjoy the ongoing friendship between Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

seven Star Wars: The Force Unleashed lets the player wreak havoc as a ferocious force user

There is an inherent level of wish fulfillment that is present in every video game. The introduction of the tutorial for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is both the perfect gameplay primer and a tantalizing tease of what awaits audiences at the end of this journey. The tutorial level sets up the story and what’s to come, but players are given the privilege of controlling Darth Vader, with his diverse arsenal of Force powers.

It’s a grim reality check when the true beginning of the game equips the player with minimal skills and pushes them to work their way up to that immense power.

6 Mega Man X naturally immerses the player in his robotic apocalypse

The best tutorial levels are those that don’t draw attention to themselves and feel like organic extensions of the gameplay experience. Mega Man X The trilogy is often hailed as one of the Super Nintendo’s greatest games. They set the perfect formula for familiarizing audiences with the various abilities of Mega Man X.

Mega Man XThe introductory stage is a fast-paced burst of action that solidifies the basics, includes a satisfying boss battle, and never slows the momentum with constant tricks or interference. A similar approach is adopted at the beginning of Super Metroidbut Mega Man XThe introduction overshadows it slightly.

5 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Indulge in Campy Horror Movies to Find Strength

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a game that has earned a greater reputation for lovingly embracing B-movie tropes instead of dark, serious demeanor. Vampire: The Masquerade is fully aware that vampires and those who hunt them are incredibly stupid, so the opening tutorial does indeed set the tone through Smiling Jack’s macabre demands.

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The opening tutorial has a simplistic quest mentality, but it sticks out due to the nonsensical exchanges that punctuate each task. Lines wants the audience to laugh as he sets up the blood-soaked scene, and they definitely accomplish it.

4 Devil May Cry quickly establishes the excess of its ego trip

DmC: the devil can cry, Ninja Theory’s radical reimagining of Capcom’s beefed-up hack-and-slash action franchise, was criticized endlessly upon release for the “edgy” direction it took for the series and Dante. It’s easier to forgive DmC to try something different now that the good the devil may cry The series is back, but the game still has its share of defenders.

The tutorial level that introduces players to the world of Limbo and Dante’s over-the-top combo-heavy attack style is the perfect love letter to the game’s flashy bravado. Dante’s acquisition of his attire and weapons are so ridiculous that they work.

3 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pokes fun at the 80s in its intentionally tacky tutorial

Far cry is a clever, self-aware first-person shooter series that has reinvented itself countless times through its fearless sequels. The DLC expansion to Far Cry 3, dragon’s bloodworks like an over-the-top love letter to 80s action cinema, turning a basic tutorial into a hilarious pitch-tuning experience.

The player character is constantly frustrated by the relentless messages of encouragement that bombard the screen and mock forced training levels. It’s a smart, fun, and short enough experience that it doesn’t spoil its welcome.

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most important franchises, and it has been able to continually evolve in exciting ways. Zeldathe first title from Nintendo’s latest console, breath of the wildremains one of the greatest Switch games. breath of the wild takes an open-world approach to the standard Zelda live. The game’s introductory Great Plateau region functions as a satisfying tutorial before Link sets out to explore the rest of the world.

Le Grand Plateau hammers the basics in a way that builds excitement for the adventure ahead rather than feeling like a corrective obligation.

1 Cuphead’s Training Wheels session is a great start to his lovingly retro world

Cuphead is such a staggering achievement that it’s a nostalgic love letter to the punishing side-scrolling titles of yesteryear and old-school 1930s animation. Cuphead really feels like an old cartoon brought to life, and there’s endless effort put into virtually every element of the production, including its training tutorial.

Cuphead creates a sterile environment conducive to experimentation. CupheadThe tutorial effectively teaches the basics, but it also captures the sense of humor and style that is such an important part of the experience. The only downside is that the tutorial does not adequately prepare the player for the intensity and difficulty of the game.

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