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Want to take your software development skills to a new level? The Video Game Development Club has you covered.

If you are considering becoming a video game developer in the future, the Video Game Development Club is a great place to join. This can provide a great opportunity for students interested in creating video games or who simply want to take their software development skills to a new level. The club has a great team of leaders to help you review what you need to know about making video games.

You do not need any experience to register. In fact, the reason we created this club is to help people become video game developers.

Concept art by Anjelika Castillo

The club is a great way for people to collaborate on an exciting project from multiple angles such as audio, art, design, and programming. Each member will have a different role, based on these angles. You can imagine that you work in the video game industry. While you work with everyone, each member “checks in, makes decisions on things, and then spends the rest of the time working on their current project,” said longtime club member Joyce Langman.

Langman said the club spent last fall working on a game called “The Hawthorne Effect.”

“It was a 3D post-apocalyptic horror game set in a camera factory where you had to sneakseveral light-based monsters to take over the factory,” she said. “You also had to manage where the power went by using a fuse box so you could light or darken areas to give you an edge against the creatures.

Concept art by Anjelika Castillo

Throughout development, each club member will present new ideas, such as new tanks.actors and level designs. Our designers use Unreal Engine, a program used by independent and AAA video game developers, to create an environment layout and add additional props. Our programmers input C++ code to control events occurring in the game. Audio people will create sound effects.

As each member contributes, they will eventually create the final version of the game that will be fully functional and ready to play. This is how a regular semester will be spent at the club.

Now that we are entering a new semester, and with more members joining, club management is focusing on how to restructure the club to improve the experience of its members. President of the club Antonio Gallegos wants to “use the club as a way for people to network, discuss ideas and learn how to create a playable video game. Our club has three main goals: to create video games, to introduce members to the video game industry, and to provide hands-on experience that can be included in portfolios and/or resumes. »

Map layout by Joyce Langman

We I think the club provides a good opportunity for those considering becoming video game developers or those who just want to entertain the idea.

If you are interested in joining, our club meets at 3:00 p.m. Thursdays at SCC-101 (the Seaton Computing Center). Students can join virtually through the Discord club. We also use Discord to keep in touch with everyone outside of the club meeting if we ever want to discuss ideas remotely. If you ever miss a meeting, notes will be provided in the meeting notes chat.

If you want to take your programming, audio, art or design skills to the next levell by creating video games, the COD Video Game Development Club takes care of you! Feel free to sign up via the Discord link or contact Club Advisor Steve Santello ([email protected]), club president, Antonio Gallegos ([email protected]), or me, Vice-President Johnny Chirayil ([email protected]), if you have questions.

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