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Room 8 Group has announced the creation of Solid Bash, a new brand focused on mobile game development.

Solid Bash is made up of 160 specialists and is the first brand in the group to form the Mobile Service Line. The team will be led by gaming industry veterans: Matthew Zoern will assume the role of VP of Games, Benjamin Troy Drysdale will assume the role of Chief Technology Officer, Benjamin Paquette has been named Chief Creative Officer, and Jerome Boulton is responsible for production. .

“Seeing new brands being created within the Group is a phenomenal experience, revealing the growth of our company. Remaining inventive, courageous and open to new challenges has allowed the games division to constantly evolve and diversify our approaches,” said Room 8 Group President Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi.

“Establishing Solid Bash is a natural next step and an exciting new page in our 11-year history. With many outstanding clients already working with Room 8 Group, and so many potential partners we want to cooperate with, I’m sure Solid Bash has a bright and promising future.

As part of Room 8 Group’s games division, the Solid Bash team has cooperated with over 90 clients and built a portfolio of 126 developed, co-developed and ported titles, including What Remains of Edith Finch by Annapurna, critically acclaimed.

“Over the years, our team has co-developed exceptional mobile games for our partners as the Room 8 Group Games Division,” said Lana Savitskaya, Room 8 Group Mobile Service Line Manager. creation of Solid Bash is a logical continuation of the Group’s strategic development. This move will give Mobile Service Line the opportunity to experiment, further build expertise and focus on delivering an exceptional experience to gamers.

“Although Solid Bash is a new brand, the people who have become its foundation are the dedicated team of professionals at Room 8 Group who have been creating first-class mobile games for 11 years now.”

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