Roberta and Ken Williams reflect on the development of the game for Colossal Cave 3D Adventure:

A few weeks ago we reported on the recently announced remake of the prolific adventure game Adventure in a colossal cave led by Sierra legends Roberta and Ken Williams. The project, 3D adventure in the colossal cave, brings the classic 3D text adventure with a game specially designed for virtual reality. And with the Williams and their new company Cygnus Entertainment on board, we know this remake will honor the original.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Roberta and Ken Williams found themselves with plenty of time for new projects. Ken’s was a book about the history of the Sierra while Roberta’s was a historical fiction novel set in mid-19th century Ireland. Once these projects were completed and with still free time, Ken began to study programming again, which eventually led to a desire to redo Adventure in a colossal cave in 3D with Unity.

Therefore, the number one goal of this project is not to make money; it does justice to the original game. As Ken Williams told Ars Technica in a long interview, “For us, it’s not really about the money. If the game sinks or swims, it won’t change our life. So it’s about, you know, honoring the legacy of the original designers.

The Williams on 3D adventure in the colossal cave

The original plan for the 3D remake wasn’t to do it in VR. However, game artist Marcus Maximus Mera convinced the Williams that it would be a perfect fit for the game. Mera wasn’t the only one, as Roberta explains:

The unit itself wanted us to do [VR], also. And they were very helpful. So useful to the point that we somehow had to […] but that’s a good thing.

Roberta Williams, Creative Director at Cygnus Entertainment

Both understand, of course, that the gaming landscape isn’t what it was when they worked at Sierra. There’s so much competition now 3D adventure in the colossal cave standing out is nearly impossible without the right tools and hooks. Luckily, two revered developers tackling an equally revered adventure game are almost selling out, according to Ken:

Maybe Unity can tell us how many games are released each day. […] but I suspect that is a large number. Breaking out of the peloton if you’re actually going to do something, it’s not that easy. I said, “Roberta and I are well known. Millions of people know us and millions of people know this game. So if you’re trying to stand out from the pack, why not start with a household name? »

Ken Williams, Managing Partner at Cygnus Entertainment

3D adventure in the colossal cave is developed and published by Cygnus Entertainment. It will be available for PC and VR systems in fall 2022.

Via Ars Technica.

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