Priestley College Computer Game Design Course Wins Award

Computing is on the march for a college in Warrington after being recognized for equipping students with the skills they need to break into a billion pound industry.

Priestley won the higher education institution’s award at the Grads in Games Awards, where he was praised by the judges for the content of his computer game design course.

“Priestley College has shown that it is continually developing its practice to teach the most up-to-date content possible and keep pace with the industry,” the judges said.

“Their level 3 games course is considered to be one of the best in the UK, offering fantastic opportunities to collaborate with the industry and a great working atmosphere.”

The goal of Grads in Games is to help increase the number of graduates who move from student to professional developer.

Their FE Institution Award goes to the college that has done the most to help learners graduate from graduate school or into industry.

Priestley was nominated by former students, many of whom are now in the best courses or in employment.

Rachel Williamson, Matt Wilson and Ian Slonker who developed the course

“It’s amazing to have the recognition of a panel of judges from across the industry, but it means so much because it comes from our students,” said tutor Matt Wilson.

Over the past nine years, Matt and several colleagues have made the course at Priestley what it is, including Rachel Williamson who has come to develop the programming aspect of the process.

Together, they have equipped dozens of young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive gaming industry.

Former student Matt Brett, who is currently completing a third year at Falmouth University to study game development, started working immediately after graduating from college.

It was used to create the family seals used in a Sky TV promotional campaign for the Game of Thrones television series.

“What I learned at Priestley prepared me for a career in an industry that I love,” said the former Lymm High student. “I enjoyed the class so much that I never wanted to leave the classroom.”

In addition to praising the course content, the Grads in Games judges acknowledged the Priestley Internship Program which is run in partnership with game publisher Lego TT Games and is the only one of its kind in the UK .

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