PlayStations Haven Studios wants to push game development to the cloud

Haven Studios hopes to revolutionize the way games are made. As one of Sony’s latest acquisitions, the developer is working to develop a server-based approach to game development that will utilize the cloud. In theory, this allows the design to change a level in a game and then make it visible in real time without needing to download a new game each iteration.

Developing cloud-based games will be like editing a Google Doc.

Mark Cerny, CEO of The Haven Studios and his colleagues explained in an interview with Axios that this cloud-based system would like to be used for a Google Doc but rather a document. Many game developers have to keep them organized by one monitor to compare notes, so they have to spend a lot of time on coordination and communication. Since this new cloud-based system is not yet ready, it will allow collaborators to see each other’s changes in no time without a single step. Once complete, the hope is that it won’t just help Haven Studios, it will help the entire PlayStation ecosystem and the gaming industry in general.

A quarter of developers at Haven Studios are dedicated to cloud-based development tools or innovations with artificial intelligence and machine learning, according to Jade Raymond. They study AI-generated assets and cloud-based telemetry controls that analyze performance with every playtest, streamlining development so creators can implement new ideas faster.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the shift to the live service model of AAA games. This is partly because of the time it takes to make this game. The Haven Studios is working on a multiplayer live service project. We hope that anything that has less development time will help games release faster and cheaper at launch.

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