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No matter how well a player can read maps or know the environment of a game, knowing how to shoot is essential. However, in learning how to shoot, practice separates the pros from the beginners, especially in free-shooting games and other high-level shooting games. This is because playing more as a sniper will not only improve shooting ability but also game control.

Most often, snipers have to shoot from afar. This can be difficult for players who don’t know the ins and outs of a game; a sniper must know where the enemy is hiding before shooting. Knowledge of the game empowers free fire and CSGO pros, and knowledge goes beyond knowing how to shoot. A player should be aware of bugs that could cost them a turn. Besides, knowledge of weapons and online csgo game sites to find new skins is also as important as knowledge of game environment.

Knowledge of Weapons

The game mechanics differ with each free fire round. How a person wields a firearm at one level may differ from what happens at higher levels. Players who switch between various games also know how it could work against them if they import certain game mechanics from PUBG in free fire.

Beyond mechanics and manipulation power, weapon power is also an important skill to master. Knowing the weapon categories available for selection could be the differentiating factor that could bring a player to the top. In a list of guns, the M82B, AWM and KAR98K stand out, especially for budding snipers in Free Fire. However, while all guns spit bullets when prompted to do so across the screen, only the M82B can handle gloo walls if they become an obstacle.

The two remaining weapons, the KAR98K and the AWN, have nearly equal capabilities when subjected to a side-by-side comparison test. When choosing one of the two, it comes down to personal preference.

The KAR98K

Most free fire players will admit to having come across this capable sniper weapon, as it is available on almost every map. It serves its created purpose well as it can easily take out enemies from a great distance. In the end, no player chooses the AR gun models for close combat, which would mean an early defeat. ARs are poor for close range due to their lack of effectiveness at short distances.

They also fire slower, meaning an enemy would have already taken out the user before a formidable shot could down the enemy. But over distances, they are competent.

The M82B

When it comes to raw power, this weapon is second to none. His power makes him a rare find as he can do anything imaginable in free fire. Not only does it destroy vehicles, but it can also damage large tanks when fired correctly and by a skilled player.

The gun has a few more features to deal with than others before hitting the battlefield. Only those looking to take out an enemy quietly have to contend with the option of adding a silencer. It is also automatic and quickly spits bullets for close combat.


The AWN is a weapon more familiar to players around the world. It has been featured in popular games like PUBG, CSGO, and Free Fire. In terms of shooting, it’s a capable tool and will still get the job done thanks to the tweaks the developers have added to it over the years.

Facing enemy lines, depending on what they are holding, it can outlast some of the best guns thanks to the extended magazine compartment. The faster rifle action it also boasts of can be the deciding factor when facing other skilled opponents with machine guns.

You need firepower to thrive

Game weapons should have something that attracts them to players. Both AR and SMG models have their advantages against enemies on the battlefield. However, a player will need to master many of them to subdue an experienced enemy on the battlefield.

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