Nintendo Acquires Longtime Game Development Partner SRD

The era of consolidation continues as Nintendo buys a long-standing knowledge in the industry, systems research and development, more commonly referred to simply as SRD Co Ltd. Nintendo announced the purchase on Thursday, February 24, in a pdf circulated around the world. the Web.

In its announcement, Nintendo didn’t reveal how much it will put up to acquiring the Tokyo-based SRD, but the duo have a seemingly long history – so long that it dates back to the NES port of Donkey Kong. SRD will officially become a Nintendo studio on April 1, according to Nintendo’s release.

Since 1983, SRD and Nintendo have delivered some of the most beloved experiences together, the main ones being two of Nintendo’s biggest releases in recent years, Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 2019 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2020, for cite only them. some.

SRD has also contributed to more varied experiences, particularly the smartphone Mario Kart Tour, as well as 2021’s Game Builder Garage. Nintendo’s niche real-world interactivity product, Nintendo Labo, also comes from the brilliant minds de SRD, who designed the various cardboard offers that make the Labo so unique.

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While Sony and Microsoft are busy with blistering purchases the likes of which the video game industry has never seen before, Nintendo often shy away from buyouts that make news and shake up the industry of the same ilk. Prior to its latest SRD acquisition, Nintendo’s last purchase was in early 2021 when it bought Next Level Games, which is currently developing the highly anticipated Mario Strikers.

Like SRD, Vancouver-based Next Level Games has also contributed to various Nintendo software development cycles, particularly Luigi’s Mansion 3. These two studios now share pure Nintendo ingenuity.

Said Nintendo chief Shuntaro Furukawa following the company’s latest sales report (via Bloomberg):

“Our brand has been built on products made with dedication by our employees, and having a large number of people who don’t have Nintendo DNA in our group would not be good for the company.”

Obviously, SRD and Next Level Games are a great fit. Nintendo did not explain why it decided to acquire SRD after nearly 40 years of service under the family video game giant. In its statement, Nintendo cites “strengthening SRD’s management base” in addition to strengthening its own software line under “Acquisition Objective”, thus concluding that the merger will be as welcoming to Nintendo as it will be to SRD.

With Microsoft spending nearly $70 billion on Activision Blizzard alongside Sony’s latest purchase of Bungie for $3.6 billion, it’s clear that the era of consolidation in the video game industry has now arrived. Despite these protests, Nintendo still remains in its own corner of happy resolution, churning out some of the most tantalizing and inspiring content on both a mobile and non-mobile platform.

Where the next Nintendo Switch will take us thanks to SRD’s brilliant support is the best guess, but get it The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel come on February 27 to see what the Electric Mouse and his friends have in store for fans.

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