Netherlands-based game development company launches latest creations

HOLLAND – After successfully launching its first award-winning game “The Rank Game”, Storyastic of Holland has launched three card games into the market.

The games became available for pre-order on Kickstarter on Saturday July 10. The price of each $ 30 game started at $ 10 and will increase by $ 1 each day until Friday, July 30.

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“Draul”, “Betcha Switchup” and “Swipe Swap Swindle” were designed by Dana and Chip Brown.

The couple have extensive experience in design and entertainment – Dana was an engineer at Walt Disney and Chip has spent a quarter of a century in the media and entertainment industry.

The versions follow “The Rank Game”, which has 11 expansions.

According to Dana and Chip, gaming has become a digital experience for families and friends during the pandemic, helping to lead Zoom conversations for those who can’t interact in person.

"Draul," "Bet change" and "Swap Swap scam" were designed by Dana and Chip Brown of Storyastic in Holland.

The game is exactly what it looks like. A player is given a list of grouped items (think seasons, vacations, or fast food) and asked to rank them. The other players have to guess how the first player has classified the objects. Points are awarded accordingly.

“It seems like so long ago now, but when people were initially quarantined they made their to-do list and then spent time on their devices,” Dana said. “Eventually it became very isolating and people got bored.

“Over the weeks we heard from retailers that the puzzles were selling a lot and we were really convinced at the time to help people connect through card games.”

“Draul” is a “fast-swapping, rocking, wild betting card game,” as it’s described, while “Betcha Switchup” is an “exciting and exhilarating game of ever-evolving wilds,” and “Swipe Swap Swindle “is a fast, freewheeling game of theft and concealment”.

"The ranking game" was designed by Dana and Chip Brown of Storyastic in Holland.

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All three games build on the classic rules of traditional card and poker games, while providing a unique advantage.

“Many people who have discovered ‘The Rank Game’ in the past 18 months have asked us for other games,” said Chip. “Fortunately, we had already developed and tested several concepts over the past five years.

“It was important that we do what we call ‘all together’ games, in that they bring people together, and also that everyone is all playing together at the same time – there is no need to. wait for someone else to take their turn. This promotes community dynamics.

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