Krikey integrates UserTesting to accelerate NFT game development on Flow

Quick take:

  • Krikey has integrated UserTesting to accelerate the development of its new game metaverse SolarPups.
  • Leading entertainment game studio XR & Web3 is building an NFT game on the Flow proof-of-stake blockchain.
  • UserTesting is a user insights platform that leverages customer queries to improve gaming experience.

Krikey has integrated UserTesting on its new metaverse game SolarPups. Leading entertainment game studio XR & Web3 uses user insights platform to understand what customers think about its NFT game before launch.

Krikey will use queries to evaluate every aspect of its new game, including sketches of the SolarPups’ eyes, fur, tail and toes, as well as the game’s website and features.

This is an important step in game development as it helps identify potential issues before delivering the final product to the masses. The company used the same concept when pre-launching the SolarPups NFT collection, which sold out within hours of launch.

UserTesting will acquire a custom litter of blue NFT puppies to issue to their employees for the testing phase.

“The most important voice in product development is the end user. We ensure that developers and designers watch customer feedback videos to understand how people perceive UX designs and game features,” said Jhanvi Shriram, CEO of Krikey. “UserTesting allows us to have a clear understanding of what our customers prefer and it helps us make product decisions that combine qualitative and quantitative data.”

Krikey believes that UserTesting will not only help him reduce game development costs, but also build customer loyalty. UserTesting could also provide valuable information to game studio Metaverse to differentiate its Web3 game from the competition.

The concept helps reduce costs by speeding up the process of identifying issues, as well as understanding customer preferences, which can help developers avoid wasting time on unnecessary features.

“The Krikey team is a great example of success through the use of customer and market insights in the product development process. They truly understand the value and benefits of creating products that meet customer preferences. their customers,” said Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer of UserTesting.

UserTesting can help companies identify what is needed at each stage of the development process (from ideation and concept testing to prototyping, development and application optimization). Along with Krikey, the company tested aspects of each SolarPup character to ensure greater success with the final product,” she added.

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