Iron Man Surface First Person AAA Game Development Details

Recent reports of a AAA first-person Iron Man game received a bit more detail today from the industry insider who originally teased it months ago.

Gaming industry insider Nick Baker cleared up rumors of an Electronic Arts Iron Man game over the weekend while speaking on the XboxEra podcast. Baker discussed his previous June reveal when he informed viewers that he had received a leak that EA was currently working on a Marvel AAA game regarding a specific character or group from the comics. At the time, he refused to give hints, as he admitted he was “bad at giving hints”. However, he has now confirmed that the title is the similarly rumored Iron Man game and provided some additional details.

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At first, he jokes, he “made it up” and it turns out he succeeded, acknowledging comments at the time from several players who accused him of this. However, since its revelation, industry insiders Jeff Grubb and Tom Henderson have confirmed that they have also heard similar rumors. For this reason, Baker decided to clarify what he had heard from his source. According to Baker, he showed Grubb the DM from a source claiming an EA was working on an Iron Man title. Part of the reason Baker was reluctant to name the game’s central figure at the time was that the title is “super, super, super, super early” in development to the point that “there’s a chance that it still doesn’t happen.” He also passed the information on to Henderson, who said he had heard similar rumors.

Baker further confirmed that he was not referring to the Black Panther game which is also believed to be in active development at EA. Grubb revealed this title during GiantBomb’s Game Mess Mornings. That game, currently under the working title Project Rainier and being developed by the new studio founded by former Monolith VP Kevin Stephens, has seen many more details leaked. Apparently, this will be a single-player, open-world title that follows the main character as he rises to take over after Black Panther’s death.

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If the rumors turn out to be true, these aren’t the only games currently in the works for Marvel. Turn-based action RPG may be closest to completion Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which has just been delayed for the second time. Another is a highly anticipated debut title from Skydance New Media, led by Unexplored designer Amy Hennig. Neither Marvel nor Skydance have revealed many details about the upcoming AAA title. However, Hennig called it an “original story” with “all the humanity, complexity and humor that make Marvel characters”.

None of the upcoming Marvel titles have an official release date, though. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now expected towards the end of the current financial year.

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