Introducing Mohammad Noor, a small-town boy who is taking game development by storm with his startup, Gamelauncher

Talented developer Mohammad Noor is the proud founder and CEO of Gamelauncher, a startup made up of programmers, designers, artists, and game development experts all skilled in helping customers publish the games of their dreams.

Mohammad Noor’s Gamelauncher has earned a reputation for creating intriguing games for business owners, individuals, influencers, marketers, and youtubers.

Mohammad, from Rampurhat, India, seemed destined to make his mark in the world of game development. The 32-year-old guru was born with an innate passion for games and a mind curious about how games are made. “I have been fascinated since childhood by the way games are created. I played games like Contra, Mario, Adventure Island, etc.

Mohammad will pursue his passion with intensity and dedication even at this tender age. “I made my first game at 12 on Microsoft PowerPoint, which is not a game engine. Then five years later I found a game engine called Gamemaker which boosted my skills as a game developer to new heights.

Like every other endeavor in life, Mohammad faced some challenges in his early days as a game developer. Initially, his biggest challenge was to monetize his desktop games. With the creation of Android OS in the early 2000s came a flood of freemium Android games. Mohammed cleverly connected to the Android platform and started creating games for smartphones. However, he had to learn a lot, from creating the games to publishing and marketing, before he made any money.

Mohammad has since gone from nerd who knew nothing about marketing to founder of a thriving startup. He sold his first game back then for $65, and a month later he sold his 4th game for $2,900, a clear indication of his growth as an enterprising entrepreneur. “My greatest achievement has to be this startup I’ve been working on for three years. The success of Gamelauncher fills me with joy because it seemed impossible at first.

Gamelauncher uses HTML5 technology to create its games. The company’s games run on all smartphones, tablets and desktop devices, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Speaking about their services, Mohammad said, “Our capabilities include concept design, game design, level design, visual/art production, programming, quality assurance, and deployment. In a word, we are capable of providing the whole game development service for you.

Gamelauncher includes Mohammad Noor as the Founder, Arif Arman as the Game Designer, Ashique Iqbal as the Programmer, and Tamanna Yeasmin, the Game Artist. Other team members are gifted freelancers under the supervision of Mohammad .

Mohammad Noor’s business is not yet resting on its laurels. The company has set its sights on three major future projects: a Metroidvania Indie game, an animation engine, and an NFT game project.

Mohammad recently revealed that his career as a game developer was heavily influenced by Thomas Brush’s YouTube video. “There are many who have inspired me on my journey in gaming, but Thomas Brush’s impact is the most significant,” he said. “He’s an awesome solo game developer, developer of the Pinstripe and Neversong game.”

Mohammed Noor has been in the game development business for two decades and has learned some vital lessons about the industry. “Game development is a precarious career. If you don’t consider it a business. Don’t try to make your first game like GTA 5 or PUBG. Play little games. Learn marketing. Make money. Reinvest. Continuous skill development and market research are necessary to survive in this industry. Also, don’t make games you love; make games that other people like.

It is pertinent to note that Mohammed Noor was an English Literature History student who is a self-taught developer. He learned everything from many trials and errors. During his apprenticeship days, Mohammad worked in a legal document office, earning $4 a day. Today, he charges up to $30,000 for a single game project. It’s a massive transformation for Mohammad and it indicates that success awaits anyone who wants to get into it, just like Mohammad Noor did. made about twenty years ago.

To hire the services of Mohammad Noor’s Gamelauncher, visit the company’s website at

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