Imagendary Studios Michael Brinker to Become Head of Game Design

The AAA veteran brings over 15 years of gaming industry experience to the studio acquired by FunPlus last year.

Imagendary Studios has announced the appointment of Michael Brinker as Director of Game Design at its Irvine, CA studio. Michael brings over 15 years of experience in AAA games from top-notch studios and publishers in the gaming industry to Imagendary, a studio founded in January 2021 and later acquired by FunPlus.

Michael joins an assembled team of award-winning AAA veterans from the gaming industry’s most recognized studios. With a wealth of AAA development experience among its teams and a passion for innovation in entertainment, Imagendary Studios aspires to become a next-generation pan-entertainment content creator and developer with the goal of creating premium products for the global market that push the boundaries. between games and movies.

“Michael Brinker has led multiple Tier 1 AAA game franchises and we’re thrilled to have him on our side to continue delivering incredible results with us through his exceptional experience,” said Ryan Pollreisz, Head of Studio at Imagendary. . “Our goal is to grow as a pan-entertainment studio delivering the most exciting products and innovations, and we’re happy to have Michael on board for the journey!”

As the new Director of Game Design, Michael Brinker brings many years of AAA gaming experience having worked on iconic titles and game franchises such as The Godfather, The Simpsons, Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider where Michael has could help reboot the Tomb Raider franchise, from taking on a lead design role for the sequel to the reimagining of legendary gaming icon Lara Croft. With over 15 years of development experience on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Michael has extensive knowledge of level, world and system design as a developer for major AAA studios. He has been lead designer and spokesperson for his games at Crystal Dynamics for the past decade. Michael started his career as a Game Designer at Electronic Arts.

The Imagendary studio is currently working on its first original AAA development using Epic Games’ latest Unreal 5 engine, whose first animated short will be released later this year. The studio is led by Wei Wang, a former top Blizzard lead artist renowned for his work on franchises such as World of Warcraft, Diablo, HearthStone, Overwatch, and StarCraft, and Ryan Pollreisz as studio head, with over 20 years of experience directing films with Oscar-winning titles such as Golden Compass, Life of Pi and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.

In addition to Michael’s arrival, the studio announced the expansion of its operations in Asia and the United States. In just over a year, the studio has already grown to more than 150 employees between its offices in Irvine, California and Shanghai. The team continues to recruit world-class talent from the global market to build a truly diverse first-class international content creation team. They plan to add another 100 employees in North America over the next two years.

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