“I am delighted to be a part of the game development industry in India and its growth”

Nikhil Malankar is one of the most recognizable figures in the Indian game development industry. He is not only the co-founder and CEO of GameEon Studios, but also the creative mind behind their upcoming project, Mumbai Gullies, an open world sandbox game set in the streets of Mumbai.

The India Game Developer Conference 2021, the 13th edition of India’s largest game development conference, was held from November 16-18, 2021. Many established dignitaries from the game development world attended and attended. shared their knowledge with the public.

Nikhil Malankar is also part of the organizing committee for the India Game Developer Conference 2021. In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda, he spoke about his experience and his hopes for the future of game development in India.

Nikhil Malankar, Founder and CEO of GameEon Studios on his experiences, Mumbai Gullies and the future of Indian game development

To start the interview, I would like to ask you about your inspiration behind game development and design. What drives you and what are you looking for in the future of video games?

Nikhil: When I was a kid I loved playing video games, but eventually that love for video games turned into a passion to modify them. I remember modifying GTA Vice City and turning it into something that looked like the city of Mumbai. I showed this game to a friend of mine and he asked me a simple question: “Nikhil, if you can modify a game, then why not make a game yourself?” “

It made me think that I would love to make an original open world game based in the city of Mumbai. And that became the very reason I started my company, GameEon Studios. This dream itself has brought me this far and all I have done up to this point in my life was to make it come true. I am so grateful that all these years of hard work have made me capable enough to execute this dream game.

Personally, I think the future of video games is extremely bright. They have now started to transcend real life and erase the boundaries of reality and the virtual world. Very soon we will be living in a world where gaming will become a critical aspect of our lives and everything will be quantified numerically.

Mumbai Gullies is one of the most anticipated titles in India. What can you share on the title? An interesting behind-the-scenes story you’d like to share?

Nikhil: We’ve just presented our gameplay, which has only been revealed to a limited number of people so far. The response to the game has been beyond anything I could have imagined. It’s great that the game is known to the masses. This sparked intrigue not only among the Indian public, but also among people abroad.

Additionally, we announced to IGDC that we are currently working on two titles: Mumbai Gullies Prologue and Mumbai Gullies The Final Chapter. Mumbai Gullies Prologue will actually be a shorter version of the big vision we have for the game, while Mumbai Gullies The Final Chapter will be what we envisioned the game to be in its entirety.

Your YouTube channel is quite famous among the game development community in India especially for your tutorials. What is the process behind creating content?

Nikhil: I have kept the process very simple for me. I make a list of all the videos I want to make, hit the record button with my phone in front of me, do a little editing and download it. The intention behind my YouTube channel has always been to share my experience with audiences, be it good, bad, or ugly.

However, lately I haven’t had enough time to devote to YouTube as my schedule is pretty tight, with production and other meetings lined up throughout the day. But now I have blocked my calendar for specific dates and times that will be dedicated to my YouTube channel because I think my business has benefited greatly from it as well. The motive has been and always will be simple: to help newcomers discover this industry and share my journey, which has now become somewhat of an open source journey for all!

What has been your experience with IGDC and its relevance not only to game development in Southeast Asia, but also to the global context?

Nikhil: The IGDC experience has been amazing. I entered the IGDC scene quite late. My first time at IGDC was actually in 2019 and I’ve been in this industry since 2013. However, after attending the first conference, there was no looking back. There is a ton of value in the conference because you get to interact and network with passionate game developers and like-minded business owners.

Each year I have seen an improvement in my relationship with IGDC. In 2019, I was invited as a speaker. In 2020, we became the Bronze Sponsors of IGDC and announced the Mumbai Gullies concept at the conference. Finally, this year, in 2021, I was part of the IGDC organizing committee. I firmly believe that if you want a career in the game development industry, you absolutely cannot afford to miss IGDC. And as I keep repeating, if you miss IGDC, then game development is not for you.

How do you think game development developed in India and how could it evolve in the future?

Nikhil: Game development has progressed by leaps and bounds. From something as simple as Ludo King becoming very popular among the masses to incredible gaming experiences like Raji, India has grown exponentially and is expected to grow further. Passionate projects turning into real businesses, the democratization of app stores, as well as the availability of the internet and resources for online learning have further catapulted the number of game developers in the country.

The future, in layman’s terms, looks bright for the country’s video game development scene. I am personally delighted to see and be a part of this growth journey of the game development industry in India.

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