How Lost in Random’s Visuals Complements Its Game Design


Lost In Random’s use of confusing and baffling levels and characters helps create the perfect world where its mechanics can flourish.

A game’s art style and world-building can have huge effects on a player’s immersion and reception in a title. Ideally, the developer should mix the world with the mechanics to get the best result. Zoink Games has managed to do it with its latest title Lost to chance by taking its main function of gameplay and integrating it into the world it has created.

Lost to chance Even follows as she travels through six cities to save her sister, Odd. The journey is fraught with peril as Even is hunted down by the Evil Queen and her mechanical minions. However, Even is not alone on her journey, as she is joined by her companion Dicey, a sensitive dice with strange powers. This trip takes place in the kingdom of Random, a world that lives up to its name.

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The kingdom of Random is fantastically designed and exciting to explore. Much of the game is spent roaming the many cities, completing side quests, and collecting new abilities to help even in battle. At first glance, everything in Random seems to have been crushed. The buildings are an odd mix of normal-looking houses and random items constructed in weird patterns that bewilder the mind. Equally strange are the people of Random, some looking human and others being monstrous creatures. In a way, the world is reminiscent of a dream, because everything feels both familiar and a little offbeat.

Even talking to Dicey on Lost in Random.

This weird style complements the gameplay perfectly, with most of the fights based on using Dicey to collect points in order to play certain cards. Upon entering a battle, the player must use Even’s slingshot to shoot small crystals that appear on their opponent’s body. Collecting these crystals fills a counter that allows Even to cast Dicey. By rolling the dice, the player will receive tokens which dictate the number of cards he can use at that time.

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Lost to chanceThe combat system of appears to be as random as the world Even lives in, as if two fights weren’t the same. While this is not entirely the case due to the limited number of cards the player can have in their deck at a time, it does create the illusion of chance. This is similar to the game world; Chance seems absurd, but it actually follows strict rules. An Onecroft citizen, often pejoratively referred to as an “Oner,” is considered to be of little value in the same way that a result is considered negative to the player. However, just as Even can accomplish more than others, the cards in a given hand can make it a useful roll for the player.

Lost to chance draws its inspiration from several sources, including the animated films of Tim Burton. However, the developers have added their own twists to the dark fantasy genre, finding ways to perfectly balance world-building and gameplay. Although the dice system is simple, it allows the player to feel at the mercy of chance in the same way as Even. Zoink Games has struck a good balance, taking the opportunity to show players something fantastic.

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