Goldeneye 007 Still Features My Favorite Video Game Design Failure

If you’re of a certain vintage, then the most exciting nugget among the many video game news announcements last night will have been the re-release of the classic N64 Goldeneye 007. Long tied up in legal wrangling, the retro favorite seemed doomed never to return – but he finally returns. And so does the mouthiest optical illusion ever.

Xbox and Nintendo Switch users will be able to have fun infuriating their friends by picking up Oddjob and Slappers Only in what is arguably the best multiplayer mode ever. And with the game itself comes the return of one of the biggest design failures. (Ready to start playing? Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals available now.)

Goldeneye 007 box illustration

(Image credit: rare)

Ever since the game was released in 1997, players have been asking the eternal question: is it Pierce Brosnan’s hand, or is his mouth really wide? Over the years, the cover has fallen into oblivion – and it’s getting a facelift after yesterday’s announcement. I’m actually pretty glad developer Rare didn’t decide to fix it.

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Goldeneye 007 box art next to a photo of Pierce Brosnan with comically stretched mouth

I can not see him (Image credit: @TheTchaikovsky on Twitter)

Illustration of the Goldeneye box next to a picture of Pierce Brosnan with his mouth enlarged

I still can’t see it (Image credit: @connorcislo on Twitter)

So there we have it. If you’re new to Goldeneye, I’m sorry – this face isn’t going anywhere. But don’t worry, the game itself is absolutely brilliant. You will enjoy. For more design, check out our roundup of the best design failures of all time.

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