Detective Pikachu 2 Game Development Update Revealed By Job Listing

When the original Detective Pikachu game has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS, chances are the most Pokemon fans didn’t think the spinoff would lead to anything particularly big for the franchise as a whole. Of course the Detective Pikachu would eventually lay the groundwork for the development of one of the most successful video game movies to date.

Given the acclaim and profits generated by the film, it was no shock to learn that a Detective Pikachu 2 the game was in preparation. However, that was several years ago, and not much has been said about the game since, leaving some fans wondering if it’s still happening or not.

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A new job offer from Detective PikachuThe developer of Creatures Inc. has now revealed a small update on the development of Detective Pikachu 2. According to the listing, based on a VideoGamesChronicle translation, Creatures Inc. is actively seeking employees to “work on the sequel to Detective Pikachuprogramming the drawing area, while creating a system in the environment development office that will serve as the basis for future game production in general.

While Pokemon fans will likely be happy to know the game hasn’t been shelved, the job listing doesn’t bode well for seeing a sequel anytime soon. Similar job postings have been spotted for games like Metroid Prime 4 in the past, which was stuck in development limbo for a while. Detective Pikachu 2 was originally announced to be a Nintendo Switch game, but now that the console has already entered its mid-life, it’s unclear if that will hold up.

It may surprise fans as a bit surprising that it took so long for the development of Detective Pikachu 2 go forward. While there were clear differences between the Detective Pikachu game and film, the film did well at the box office, and the game received moderately good scores from critics and sold well on the Nintendo eShop. In any case, it’s not the only sequel game from Nintendo for the Switch that’s missing some action, as both Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonet 3 left fans waiting for a while, and Zelda fans are still waiting for a release date for Breath of the Wild 2. Of course, it’s highly likely that most – if not all – of these games were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and may have suffered internal delays as a result.

Fortunately, Pokemon fans have no shortage of games in general to enjoy on the Switch. Between pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearlplus the recent departure of the formula with Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe series has had both old and new things for fans to enjoy.

Detective Pikachu is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Source: Chronicle of video games


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