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CodeSpark Academy adds new adventure game design tools

CodeSpark Academy, a popular coding learning app for kids ages 5-10, today announced the launch of “Adventure Game,” a powerful new set of design tools that lets users use code to create open-ended role-playing games. , inspired by classic hit games like “The Legend of Zelda” and “Animal Crossing”.

“Adventure Game continues our goal of inspiring kids to create with code and express themselves in new ways,” codeSpark co-founder and CEO Grant Hosford said in a press release. “This easy-to-use creative mode gives parents, teachers, and kids even more of what they love about codeSpark Academy. using our adventure game templates and tools.

Adventure Game’s creative tools require less hand-eye coordination than other creative modes, the company said, and it includes new options for users, such as speech bubbles for each character, enhancing the element of storytelling of the game.

“When introducing a difficult subject like coding, it’s important to engage kids and give them a fun, personal connection to the material,” said co-founder and chief product officer Joe Shochet. “By allowing children to create the same type of popular games they already play, we can encourage them to continue learning for longer by turning play time into learning time. Building early confidence and positive attitudes towards coding will build perseverance through their coding education.

In 2021, kids created 12.6 million games and stories on codeSpark Academy, which is used in more than a third of U.S. school districts, according to the company. CodeSpark Academy uses a wordless interface and engaging gameplay to let kids design and program their own interactive video games and stories. The app is available for home use with a subscription or can be accessed for free in North America through public schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations. CodeSpark has won a number of academic and technology awards, including a Parents’ Choice Award. Early education company BEGiN acquired codeSpark in April 2021.

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