A $4.99 asset exposure in the Unity game dev store

vr $4.99by Pippin Barr et al, is a virtual safari of curated assets in the Unity Store, each being shelved there for $4.99. There is an amazing range of quality, style, genre and completeness; we might be known by that. I recommend not consulting the visitor’s guide before boarding, so that every oddly out of place artifact comes as a surprise. It works on Mac and Windows, doesn’t require VR, and is free. (“trust me, I thought of charging $4.99”)

What does $4.99 get you these days? ! A crowbar?! Two swordfish?! Three airliners?! Four Sci-Fi Doors?! A great store?! The Taj Mahal?! The desert of Sahara?! A seagull ?! Come and see! vr $4.99 is an exhibition of 3D assets purchased from Unity Asset Store for US$4.99. The resource store includes 46 unique categories of 3D resources, from basic 3D category to humanoids, dungeon environments and vegetation. vr $4.99 contains two examples of each category, positioned in the Sahara Desert (yes, that’s an asset that also costs $4.99), like an eclectic Noah’s Ark of the kind we can see in video games. You are welcome to walk around and examine the exhibits, perhaps ask a few questions. Why does an “old mattress” cost the same as a complete office interior? Do you prefer realism or low poly? What kind of game would you play with this UFO? And those “horror trees”? Everyone come!

vr $4.99 [Pippinbarr.com]

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