5 things you need to know about game development


Have you ever been playing any of your favorite console or PC games – and wondered how they created it?

Where do the ideas for the new game come from, how do they decide who the hero is and what environment and software they used to build it? So the next time you pick up your mobile or sit down in front of the PC to play slots online, here is the background to the creation of the game.

There are five elements that all games must have in order to be successful:

  • Good characters

  • The decisions

  • Awards

  • Goals

  • Presence and immersion

Although the player may not realize it at this point, this is the reason why they will prefer one game over another.

There will usually be a team of developers working on a game, and here are some of the components.

Slot machine

Most of the artwork you see in any game started life drafted and drawn by an artist. The only exception to this is when there is a use of CGI or 3D – then a specialist will take over.

All of the characters, slots, spins, and even the smallest detail on the screen are initially sketched to meet the idea of ​​the game.

Concept art will be transferred to wireframes and then transformed into color drawings.

Even when games are similarly styled, they will go through the same process – so unless the same assets are used in each game, they will not be the same.


The mechanics of the game are the way it works. Art only provides what we are looking at, but has no moving parts and is itself just a work of art.

The game will become dynamic when the developers put their pieces of work in and add art.

Slot machines are based on a simple premise, pull the lever (or click the button when playing online or via mobile), it spins, and there is a result.

But for each of these outcomes, there has to be a process in place. Here is the basic mechanics:

  • The main game window has several columns of symbols. These columns are called coils.

  • The player selects his bet and starts the slot machine.

  • As soon as the slot machine is activated, the player’s credit is subtracted from his account balance.

  • If the machine stops with the same symbols in a row, the player wins money based on the bet.

  • The amount of money won depends on the slot machine game, its symbols and the odds on each symbol.

Slot machine developers build the game on the basis of the simplest actions and increase the element and specifics depending on the type of game.


When you talk about game development languages, you don’t mean French and German. No, you’re talking about the coding languages ​​used to develop the game. The programming languages ​​that are used to build the game are what computers understand – and how they perform actions.

It’s the same in the game. One of the many popular coding languages ​​will be used to create the game.

One of the key indicators of the language used is where the game will be played, i.e. which device: mobile, desktop, tablet, web, or app.

Each platform has significant differences, so game developers should take this into account when creating.

Many web games use Javascript, while smartphone games use Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, or Swift. The main languages ​​used in desktop games include C ++, Lua, Java, and C #.

The languages ​​a developer learns will be based on the type of work they want to do. For example, back-end web development might require Ruby, but system programming will require Go.


A game engine in an environment dedicated to game development. It offers tools and a workflow process that enable an effective and efficient game development process.

The two most popular and recognized engines among developers are Unity and Unreal Engine.

When it comes to desktop and console development, these two engines are the most commonly used, but you’ll also see them used for mobile game development.

It is believed that around half of the mobile titles on the market today were created with Unity. Although web-based games can also be created using the WebGL API and Emscripten. It all comes down to the language and engine in which the developer is comfortable and knowledgeable.

The main game development engines and what is most used for slots differ slightly, with the slots on the right here:

  • Unreal

  • Unity

  • CryEngine

  • Amazon lumber yard

  • Godot

  • Phaser

  • Game Maker Studio

  • Unity

  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Crown

  • Fusion

  • Build 3

  • Phaser


Have you ever visited your favorite online slots website and noticed that there is a line of group slots like KISS or Guns’n’Roses? Or maybe the T-rex brought your attention to the Jurrasic Park game or the more modern and exciting Suicide Squad.

When you see movies, bands, and other pop culture slots, these have been licensed by the game developers to use the characters, music, and other references to the movie or band.

These licenses are fully approved and therefore do not infringe any copyright laws. If you see a slot game with many references but doesn’t have the actual music or visuals, chances are the license has been denied – that’s when the developers and artists are showing proof. creativity with what they do.

The slots that get the licenses are usually designed to attract new fans of movies or groups.

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