I Guest Blogged for the #OopsFiles!

Howdy folks!   The disgustingly good looking Prabs over at www.AbsolutelyPrabulous.com, has featured one of my posts as part of her #OopsFiles series. Be sure to go over and have a read, it involves me falling over and faceplanting. For a change. There are a load of other hilarious stories […]

oops files

A Lesson in Theatre Etiquette. 6

Here in the Netherlands, as I’m sure there is in many other countries, there is a ‘Postcode Lottery’ that you can pay to be a part of each month. There’s a chance of winning a load of cash, otherwise what would be the point right? They REALLY want you to […]

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Carbs Marbs

No Carbs before Marbs! 6

The Antonator and I have finally booked our summer holiday, and we’re jetting off in August to the beautiful town of Marbella, Spain. You may recall that I made a New Years Resolution to lose a lot of weight and stop fucking eating. See here. Well, as it stands I […]

If The Cat Fits. 4

The Antonator is a teacher. It is his life’s work to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to generation after generation of primary-aged children and to help set them up with the life skills they will need to be contributory members of society. Sometimes though, he says things that make […]

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dance of the nutcracker

Dance of the Nutcracker 15

The fun thing about living in The Netherlands is that it’s really easy to cycle everywhere. Anthony, admittedly, does way more cycling that I do and in the last 6 months has developed a fine pair of steely buns. He’s begun referring to his bum as ‘The Nutcracker’, which sounds […]

February > January 10

Morning all!   I’m writing this (not unusually) with a bit of a hangover.   Without a doubt February > January. Sooo much better.   Why? Well, partly because alcohol. Obviously. No such thing as ‘Dry February’ is there? Who’s idea was Dry January anyway? Is there a worse month […]

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stuck fucking knee


Ant isn’t feeling so good this morning, something going on with his stomach. I’m fairly sure that it was the take-away smoked salmon salad that was left out on the worktop all Friday night then put in the fridge yesterday morning, which Ant then ate yesterday afternoon. I mean, we […]

A Week of Snot. 6

So remember my last post when I was suffering from an acute case of Man-Flu? It’s still here. It’s been a week of snot.   The snot, the coughing, the headache and the sensitivity to light continued over the weekend into Monday, but I got up and went to work. […]

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Happy new year now die

Happy New Year! Now Die…. 5

I’m actually knocking at death’s door. This may very well be my last post. It’s like my body has decided I’ve been having far too much fun and has gone ‘Happy New Year! That’s enough fun, let’s balance it out a bit. Now die’… I don’t think I’ve ever felt […]