Why I Haven’t Blogged Much Lately… 14

Hello. Anyone there? Is this thing on? Fuck it, I never worried about having an audience to my ramblings before, so why start now!   Two days ago I got a ping in my Facebook messenger from a blogging friend of mine. The fabulous Ray, aka British Mum USA. Like […]

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oops files

I Guest Blogged for the #OopsFiles!

Howdy folks!   The disgustingly good looking Prabs over at www.AbsolutelyPrabulous.com, has featured one of my posts as part of her #OopsFiles series. Be sure to go over and have a read, it involves me falling over and faceplanting. For a change. There are a load of other hilarious stories […]

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A Lesson in Theatre Etiquette. 5

Here in the Netherlands, as I’m sure there is in many other countries, there is a ‘Postcode Lottery’ that you can pay to be a part of each month. There’s a chance of winning a load of cash, otherwise what would be the point right? They REALLY want you to […]

No Carbs before Marbs! 5

The Antonator and I have finally booked our summer holiday, and we’re jetting off in August to the beautiful town of Marbella, Spain. You may recall that I made a New Years Resolution to lose a lot of weight and stop fucking eating. See here. Well, as it stands I […]

Carbs Marbs

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If The Cat Fits. 4

The Antonator is a teacher. It is his life’s work to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to generation after generation of primary-aged children and to help set them up with the life skills they will need to be contributory members of society. Sometimes though, he says things that make […]

Dance of the Nutcracker 14

The fun thing about living in The Netherlands is that it’s really easy to cycle everywhere. Anthony, admittedly, does way more cycling that I do and in the last 6 months has developed a fine pair of steely buns. He’s begun referring to his bum as ‘The Nutcracker’, which sounds […]

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february - january

February > January 10

Morning all!   I’m writing this (not unusually) with a bit of a hangover.   Without a doubt February > January. Sooo much better.   Why? Well, partly because alcohol. Obviously. No such thing as ‘Dry February’ is there? Who’s idea was Dry January anyway? Is there a worse month […]


Ant isn’t feeling so good this morning, something going on with his stomach. I’m fairly sure that it was the take-away smoked salmon salad that was left out on the worktop all Friday night then put in the fridge yesterday morning, which Ant then ate yesterday afternoon. I mean, we […]

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week snot

A Week of Snot. 6

So remember my last post when I was suffering from an acute case of Man-Flu? It’s still here. It’s been a week of snot.   The snot, the coughing, the headache and the sensitivity to light continued over the weekend into Monday, but I got up and went to work. […]